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Lynda. Melvoin @geo is a great person she only tries to help people,these were false claims made against her from a very sick cust Martha Hernandez,she is a liar an a fraud who made false claims against her!

Stop going to timeshare presentations to keep getting free gifts if you don't want to buy! That's the salespersons job!This women Martha does not work and had nothing better to do but make false claims and harrasse Lynda at all hours of the night and on holidays.

No one deserves this kind of treatment! Lynda has helped people for many yrs!

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #786118

I doubt VERY MUCH they were false claims.....I live in Las Vegas and know several people that has worked at Geo and left because of how the place is ran...

trust & believe, if you buy a timeshare here, you will get ripped off and the same goes for people that go to work there.

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